Your Dog Deserves Premium Food From Beneful

Good Food For Your Dog

A article revealed that cheap dog foods taste bad to dogs since they are made with poor quality ingredients, and cheap foods are actually somewhat hazardous to your dog’s health. When you are looking for a good dog food to get for your dog, take a gander at the kinds of high quality, premium dog foods that your pet store carries. There are some great brands of dog foods out there available on Amazon that are complete in their nutrient content, so your dog will live a longer and healthier life by your side. Nutrition is important. Do not cut corners when it comes to your dog’s health.

You should take a look at the Daily Herald’s recent article about premium dog foods. My wife found it, and she sent it my way when we were looking for a new kind of food for our dog. We decided to switch from one of the low quality brands to a premium dog food because we felt that it would make our dog happier. Our dog was not eating her food like she used to, and the vet that we take her to said that we needed to try feeding her a better food. We decided to buy premium dog food after we read the Daily Herald’s article.

The premium dog food that we went with is Beneful. It is made by PurinaStore (, and it is one of the best looking dog foods either of us have ever seen. It looks like it could be people food. It also smells great. Our dog loves it.

We buy our dog Beneful’s Chopped Blends because it is made with high quality ingredients. Our dog is used to eating wet food, and this premium quality wet food from Beneful is a cut above the rest. I am sure that it is better for my dog because it has real meats and real vegetables in it. I actually feel kind of proud to switch to products because I feel my dog deserves it. Here is that article from the Daily Herald.

Does Venezula Need A Political Miracle?

If you have been following Danilo Diaz Granados on instagram you will know that they suffered deep blow in their parliamentary elections in December. They have slowly been headed towards and economic and political crash and it appears that the government was slowly but surely headed toward disaster. Many have blamed it on the not so popular Nicolas Maduro; however, had the country chosen to be in favor of and negotiate with the leader it may have been able to lessen the economic downfall that the Obama Administration warned the country about.

This deep opposition to leadership leaves many to wonder if the country can survive these political hardships or if the country is headed towards a very hard and crucial disaster. One thing is for certain countries from around the world are watching and taking notes and hoping that they will not have to intervene before things get worse.



George Soros Conspiracy Theory Debunked

The billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros on politifact is a financial figure I have always kept an eye out for in the news because of his impressive record of predicting economic trends. In recent months, I have been shocked to continually see a conspiracy theory circling conservative Websites accusing Hungarian born George Soros of secretly infiltrating the Republican Presidential election season with a series of donations to the campaign of GOP Presidential outsider John Kasich; I was happy to read a story from Politifact that detailed how the conspiracy theory started and debunked claims George Soros has tried to affect the GOP election process.

During the last few years I have been looking into the life of George Soros for inspiration and been impressed by the way he has embarked upon a philanthropic and economic career on that is amongst the most impressive in the world. Soros found himself a refugee at the close of the Second world War and has been working to secure the fate of others who find themselves in similar situations, according to the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros has been accused of providing support for John Kasich to keep the GOP election race ongoing for as long as possible before the candidates arrive at a contested convention. The claim comes from the fact two former Soros employees have been active supporters of John Kasich over recent months, but I have now read reports stating the two men have been long term conservative supporters who simply happened to work for Soros in the past.

In my own opinion, the political giving of Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller is completed to reflect their values and not those of their former employer. After conducting a little Internet research on Biography and reading the Politifact article I found the two men to have been providing financial support for conservative groups and candidates since leaving the employ of George Soros and striking out on their own.

Fabletics Launches Athleisure Dresses

Marie Claire Magazine passes on great news to habitual gym goers and the average over-worked, busy professional woman. Fabletics, the very trendy fitness fashion clothing company co-founded by Kate Hudson, is now going to be offering athleisure dresses, which look as amazing as they sound.

The Coupon Lady sat down with Hudson for her thoughts on the new Fabletics line and was able to ask about how the line came into production. Hudson dished on her personal favorites and why making comfortable, stylish everyday clothing is so important to her.

Hudson first recognized that while you may not want to exactly go on a hike in the Fabletics athleisure dresses, they are certainly made with women’s comfort as their first priority. That said, you will definitely be able to run around town and accomplish all your errands without missing a beat or feeling like you are being held back by your clothing.

Hudson thinks that this new line of dresses will also be extremely flattering for women to wear in the same way that certain pairs of spandex exercise pants accentuate women’s assets. Essentially, Hudson explains that these Fabletics dresses will suck all of the right parts in without taking forever to get on. They also eliminate the need for wearing uncomfortable Spanx and take the anxiety out of getting dressed for a super busy day.

Hudson says that the dresses can be worn in the office, on a date or just around town with friends, making them an incredibly useful addition to any wardrobe. Hudson’s clothing line is created with the goal of enabling women to take advantage of opportunities to be as active as possible in the day and achieve a more balanced and fit lifestyle.

In his Pinterest page she said that rather than restricting women’s movements like some traditional fashion choices, the athleisure options from Fabletics add an element of sophistication to wardrobe choices yet provide total flexibility in making it through the day.

Fabletics has been around since October of 2013 and has become a fitness fashion favorite of a remarkable number of women since then. Hudson is often seen as the face of the brand and says that she personally loves wearing pieces from the collection because they allow her to maintain an incredibly busy lifestyle while feeling put together and comfortable.

Readers interested in trying out Fabletic should consider signing up for its VIP monthly membership option because it offers the most rock bottom prices along with the flexibility to cancel the membership at any time for any reason by calling the customer service line. The cost of the monthly membership is only $49.95, which means that Hudson has stayed true to her word in providing great fashion at affordable prices.

New Brunswick Devaco owes $20 million in CRDA loans

Last month, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority also known as Devco, failed to pay $1 million in principal and interest on a $20 million loan it secured with Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The Improvement Authority already had a considerable amount of debt worth a whopping $7 million, over the last 5 years. The loan was originally started in 2005 to construct a hotel, dubbed the The Heldrich, in New Brunswick. A nonprofit called the New Brunswick Development Corp helped construct the hotel. State Senate President Stephen Sweeney commented that this is what happens when public dollars are funneled into private companies to built such costly ventures. “CRDA will be paid, but it’s just going to take a couple years,” is what the attorney for CRDA has to say. The Heldrich consist of 235 rooms, but has struggled to retain customer retention, hovering at 63.5 percent occupancy.

The organization is so depleted of funds, they had to spend $776,000 of its own money to maintain basic capital expense. The 20 million loan from CDRA also consists of an additional $87 million in municipal bonds issued by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, bringing the whole loan to $107 million. Holders of the $30 million in senior bonds have been repaid, with about 5 percent interest. Lower level holders have seen repayment in years.Lastly Gov. Chris Christie signed a law barring state agencies from issuing loans, grants that have defaulted on state-issued loans and bonds.


Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital Makes An Entry Into The Natural Resources Industry.


Recently, Solo Capital launched into the natural resources stocks field. For a long time, this firm has been trying to get into the lucrative natural resources stock market. Solo Capital recently acquired Old Park Lane Capital, a stockbroker firm that majors in natural resources stocks. Solo Capital hopes that through Old Park Lane Capital, it would be able to break barriers and get into the much natural resources industry. Solo Capitals’ main agenda is to revolutionize the way this industry does its business. It seeks to introduce new and more appealing business methods into this industry. Since Old Park Lane Capital has been in this industry for long, Solo Capital expects to benefit fro its experience and expertise in this field. Old Park Lane Capital says that it is very glad to operate under such a successful and prosperous firm like Solo Capital. Old Park Lane hopes that since it’s under a new umbrella, it will soon be able to return to its glory days.

Solo Capital is a popular business firm that serves as a boutique of financial and investment services. It offers a wide variety of financial and investment services to its clients all over the world. Some of its investment and financial services include proprietary trading, investment consultancy, and professional sports investment management. Further expanding on their services, they offer FX trading, derivatives and commodities, human capital management, investment performance analysis, investment consultancy services, talent acquisition, business and financial representation among other services. Solo Capital is famous in the business world due to its success. It has managed to grow from a start up and reach the top of the business world within a few years after it’s formation under the leadership of its founder and owner Sanjay Shah. This Sanjay Shah firm is also popular for having highly qualified staff who a wide base of experience and knowledge in the business world. Lots of clients from all over the world favor this firm due to the high expert advice and assistance they get from this firm alongside it’s unmatched customer services.

Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of Solo Capital Partners. He has been its chief executive officer and president for years until recently when he retired to venture into private practice. Under his leadership, Solo Capital managed to grow from just being a start-up to being one of the biggest investment and financial firms in the world. The firm was able to turn in a lot of profits to accumulate millions worth of assets under its management. Sanjay Shah is a very successful business person, and he also owns three dozens of other companies all over the world apart from Solo Capital. He also cleverly owns A.e.s.r, a firm that controls Solo Capital Holdings, which controls his Solo Capital Partners. He is also the founder of Autism Rocks, an autism dedicated charity.

Changes Occurring In The Pet Food Industry

An article from the Daily Herald recently revealed the changes that are happening in the dog food industry currently. This multi-billion dollar industry has started to embrace some of the trends that have grown popular in the human food industry. The article explained how there are several new companies that are entering the market and they are doing well because of uniqueness. Some have freeze dried cranberries and blueberries in them to increase the nutritiousness of the food. Some are refrigeration required due to the freshness of the food. Some have enzymes and triglycerides in order to help with digestion and metabolism.

Several of the companies that are new, are surviving and even thriving. Freshpet, for example, makes a refrigerated dog food and now has there food in their branded fridges in more than 15 thousand stores around the country. These stores include outlets like Whole Foods Market, Wal-Mart and Target. However, some of the smaller companies are being bought up by the larger brands before the get too big. Purina bought Merrick Pet Care because they are the first certified producer of organic wet and dry dog food. J.M. Smucker Co bought Big Heart Pet Brands for its grilled beef burger treats and duck jerky.

Beneful is a dog food company that was founded in 2001. It has grown to be one of the largest in existence and is one of the top five selling dog food companies. Not only is Beneful famous for its freshness and the quality of its ingredients, both plant and meat, but it is also well known for its various advertising and marketing campaigns. Beneful is credited as being one of the most innovative advertisers. They have advertised on posters that smell to attract dogs in Germany. In Australia, there was a commercial that attracted dogs with high pitched noises only dogs can hear. There was also a major marketing campaign in various cities around the United States with an interactive billboard that individuals could use to play fetch with a dog in the ad.


The Life of Dick DeVos and His Philanthropic Activities

The success of businesses is determined by the investment decisions that are made. Most of the billionaires started from a humble beginning. An example of a great investor is Dick DeVos, who developed an interest in business during his childhood life. He used to manage his family business during the school breaks and holidays.

Early life

DeVos was born and raised in Grand, Michigan on October 21, 1955. Amway was a family-owned business that equipped DeVos with management skills. He and his brother were assigned the duties of greeting attendees and showing them around during annual meetings organized by Amway.


He is an alumnus of Northwood University having graduated with a business administration bachelor’s degree. He has received several honorary doctorates from Grove City College, Northwood University, and Central Michigan University (Source: New Netherland Institute)

Career advancement

In 1974, DeVos started to work with Amway Corporation holding different positions in various departments. Amway International appointed him as its Vice President in 1984. During his tenure, he helped Amway International to expand its presence to 18 countries. Dick served as the Orlando Magic Basketball president and CEO in 1991, before returning to Amway as the President in 1993 (learn more about Dick’s work at Amway here on MLIVE). Dick DeVos is remembered for leading the firm in expanding its operations to over 50 countries throughout the six continents. In 2002, Dick retired from Amway and ventured into private activities

Dick’s charity work

DeVos is an established politician and an active philanthropist. He is the founder of Educational Freedom Fund that awarded over 4000 scholarships to help needy children in Michigan realize their education dreams. The needy children attended the West Michigan Aviation Academy which is important to Dick not only because of the educational opportunity, but because of his passion for flight.

He has served either as a chair or co-chair of the various organizations aimed at improving the nature of care services offered by health care companies. Some of the beneficiaries of the health care program include $212M convention center, $90M medical schools, $130M heart hospital, and more. DeVos has supported religious, artistic, and educational oriented organizations by donating millions of dollars.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

DeVos family supports Rubio’s political aspirations

In an interview with The Detroit News, Dick DeVos who is an established businessperson confirmed his family’s support to Marco Rubio during the Republican Presidential primaries. The endorsement will be accompanied by financial aid for the Rubio’s campaign. The decision to support Rubio was made after Jeb Bush; former Florida Governor did not qualify for the race after finishing in the fourth position. DeVos expressed the intention of his family to assist Rubio to gain the necessary momentum. Apart from financial support, Rubio’s campaign will enjoy the services of highly organized and experienced committee.

Dick has famously given to many political candidates and causes throughout the years and was even referenced in the series House of Cards. Read the full article here:


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Opens 6 Stores In 2015


Although Fabletics got off to a rough start, business is booming and 100 new stores will be opened in the next few years. The seventh store will be opening in the spring. Fabletics sells high-quality activewear at reasonable prices. This is Kate Hudson’s clothing line. Fabletics is co-founded by Kate Hudson, who is the child of actress Goldie Hawn and the stepchild of Kurt Russell. She is an actress in her own right; her best-known role is Penny Lane, a rock groupie, in Almost Famous.


An article by Racked spelled out the problem. An overzealous VIP promotion package signed customers up for a subscription service – one new outfit a month for about $50. The promotion also included the first outfit for $25.


A customer could either pick an outfit among several choices or opt out for one month. The problem was that the window for cancelling was for only a few days each month. If no action was taken, there would be no outfit delivered that month, but there would be a credit card charge, which showed as a credit on customer accounts. The promotion is still in effect, but it is more carefully explained to customers.


New stores are opening in response to the bad press. Customers are able to see the merchandise and its quality in person. They can also address their concerns about the promotion to the staff. Most customers are fine with the arrangement once they understand it fully. It is a great deal for them, and people can’t resist saving that much money. Another problem is that most women don’t need a new yoga outfit every month. Possibly the company will address this by adding other styles of clothing.


Fabletics sees its biggest competition as Nike and Lululemon. Leggings at Fabletics, with the VIP promotion, are about $40. At Nike and Lululemon, comparable leggings are closer to $100. The web page for Fabletics has clear directions on opting out, either for one month or for the whole VIP promotion.

Premium Dog Food At Great Prices

For dogs, they sometimes don’t know whether what they eat is either healthy or unhealthy. The truth is that they almost always know whether something tastes good or bad, and this is why so many new companies are focusing on taste but end up forgetting about good health. New premium dog food brands are striving to give dogs that great tasting option that delivers real food options while giving them the nutrients to survive and live healthier.

There are all kinds of brands wanting to go for something new and cater to their latest needs. Colgate and Palmolive created food to help dogs with losing weight. Purinastore is even going after the one on one customization approach by finding diet regimens and even providing dogs with individualized training food options to guide them effectively. Other brands are trying to make it easier on dog owners by giving their dogs food that’s similar to theirs. It’s an adorable way to bond and enjoy each other’s company knowing you are all eating similar food.

Beneful was once conducting a local tour for their newest visitors. One of the local manages decided to eat one of the chicken foods for dogs to prove to people that they use real food and provide only the best of the best in the industry. They love to give dogs a nutritious approach while catering to their appetites.

There are countless people on twitter who will constantly vouch for the work that Beneful has provided them and their dogs. Their latest new food inventions are some of the most tasty things out there. They are amazing and can give your dog what they need to enjoy what they are doing. Freshpet is also a very reliable brand that is constantly looking for new opportunities to give dogs what they need. For example, you will find that they have teeth whitening foods that you for sure are going to enjoy eating. They also work with researchers all the time to discover what is best and what isn’t for dogs to have. Beneful is definitely worth buying your dog’s next set of food from.