Bruce Levenson: The NBA and beyond

Many people know the names of many team owners in the NBA but not a lot of people know them besides their title as “team owner.” This article is about one of the most prolific owners in the NBA, Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson was born in Washington DC but grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended college at Washington University in St. Louis and is a graduate from the law school of American University. Levanson began a journalism career while in college at Washington State. Levenson later co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG) with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. UCG launched data bases including Oil Price Information Service. UCG specializes in data, news, and analysis for the healthcare, energy, mortage banking, technology, and telecommunications industries. In 2004,Bruce Levenson and Peskowitz became majority partners of the NBA basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks. The deal also included Atlanta’s hockey team the Atlanta Thrashers, however they sold the Thrashers in 2011. Levenson is the team’s managing partner and is also one of the members of the NBA Board of Governors. In 2012, Danny Ferry was hired as the Hawks president and general manager. Ferry played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and was also general manager of the Cavaliers. Ferry was also vice president of the San Antonio Spurs. In 2014, Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks went to the Holocaust Memorial in his home town of Wasington DC. Levenson’s mother in law is a Holocaust survivor accompanied them and spoke of her trying times during the Holocaust. In 2014, Levenson made plans to sell his part of ownership of the team. Levenson is a founding board member of Tech Target and is also on their Board of Directors. Levenson served as a director of the company from 1999 to 2012. Levenson is involved with several organizations such as the Community Foundation of Washington D.C., ESPN, and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. He served as president of an organization that helps low income children pursue higher education, the organization is called the I Have A Dream Foundation. Levenson donates regularly to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and funds the Bringing the Lessons Home program. This program teaches inner city students the events of the Holocaust and trains them to be tour guides at the Museum. Levenson makes donations to other organizations such as the SEED foundation and Seeds of Peace. He supports several Jewish organizations such as Birthright Israel, the Jewish Federation, The Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, and BBYO. In 2013, Levenson sent a letter to the Israeli Prime Minister urging him to work closely with US Secretary of State John Kerry in regards to Israel’s need for security. Levenson and his wife own homes in Atlanta and Maryland and have three sons.

Choosing A Comfortable And Stylish Winter Shoe

Winter is coming and there are only two things a man has on his mind when it comes to shoes. A man is looking for practical shoes that will last him through the cold months that are to come. Winter unleashes predictable weather. There will be snow, rain, and gusty winds. A man needs a shoe that will last through all of the elements. He needs a shoe that won’t leak, won’t develop holes or fray. A man also needs a shoe that is stylish. Luckily, winter is the perfect time to shop for a well-made and good-looking shoe.

Boots are the most popular types of shoes during this time. It’s crucial to purchase these from a trustworthy company in order to ensure they will last through the season. Paul Evans leather shoes is one of those companies. They use only the finest handcrafted Italian leather. This shows that the shoe is made out of material that is built to last. It’s not mass produced in a factory with cheap materials like most department store shoes. Paul Evans shoes are also true to size. A man doesn’t have to sacrifice his comfort in order to protect his feet from the cold.

A man also doesn’t have to sacrifice his style. All too often, there are boots that just look big and bulky. That’s not the case with a Paul Evans style. These boots are made to go with everyday outfits. A man can wear these to work, on a date, or just running errands.

It can be hard for a person to leave their house during the winter months. It’s cold, windy, and snowy. Paul Evans understands this and that’s why their product is delivered right to the doorstep of the customer. There is no middle man to go through which in turn leaves everyone a lot happier. Overall, Paul Evans truly understands how to run a successful shoe business. It’s a combination of shoe quality and customer service.

How Does Handy Help The Cleaning Industry?

Handy is a house cleaning bulletin board that allows people to find house cleaners in a few moments, and the service provides house cleaners with a way to find more clients. The bulletin board is a two-way street that has opened up a market that once seemed closed off to people who were in the middle or lower classes. Handy is a company that is growing in increments that were once unheard of in the industry, and this article explains how the industry is changing under the watchful eyes of Handy.

#1: The Bulletin Board Offers Search Capabilities For Users

Users who need house cleaners can find their new cleaners on the bulletin board, and the bulletin board provides a way for each client to vet their cleaners before hiring them. Each cleaner creates a profile for their business, and the clients may check the profiles before hiring someone. The website provides security for its clients when choosing a new person to clean the house. Clients were once forced to find reliable cleaners on their own.

#2: The Bulletin Board Create Possibilities For Cleaners

Cleaners who are looking more clients can create large client bases using Handy. The site book $3 million in jobs their first year, but the company is currently booking $1 million in jobs a week at this time. Cleaners who have just a few clients can create a larger group of clients that will increase revenues. A cleaner can use increased revenues to hire more employees, and the cleaning business can expand to other parts of the city.

#3: The Bulletin Board Pays Fair Prices

The prices paid for cleaning services are fair for both parties. The site pays $14-$22 an hour for cleaning services, and these cleaning services will do anything a homeowner needs. Homeowners can request any service they need, and homeowners are given many new choices when asking for cleaning services. Cleaners are capable of coming on short notice, cleaning before parties or cleaning major messes that were created during parties. Each cleaner has a list of services that customers may choose from, and customers may read those lists on the Handy website.

#4: Handy Compares Well To Uber

Handy and Uber compare well to each other in the way they provide their services. Uber offers driver services on demand, and Handy offers driver services on demand in the same manner. There are many people who need cleaners on the spot, and the cleaners that are ready to fill their calendars will find the last few clients they need to make their week as profitable as possible.

There are several cleaners who sign up for the site every day, and the people who are looking for great cleaners will find them through Handy on demand. Handy is the perfect place for people to find the cleaning services they need for their homes or businesses, and the people who are signing up for services will have their homes for fair prices every day.

Bruce Levenson Moves on from Atlanta Hawks

For the Atlanta Hawks the light at the end of the tunnel finally appears to be getting brighter. In one of the easiest conferences in major league sports, the Atlanta Hawks have mired in mediocrity. During the ’90s we saw Atlanta waste a talented roster by getting stymied by the Jordan era Bulls and the Bad Boy Pistons. In the early aughts it was the arrival of LeBron James that turned the Eastern Conference into a single players stomping grounds. Then, in 2004, a man by the name of Bruce Levenson on forbes arrived and started to turn things around in a big way. Levenson paid the large sum to take over the Hawks and immediately began an aggressive franchise transformation.

Over the next 11 years we saw Levenson take one of the NBA’s bottom feeders and turn them into an annual playoff contender in a suddenly competitive division. The Hawks needed first to address their lack of elite talent on the roster. Not since Shareef Abdur Rahim did the Hawks have anything close to resembling a star player. Bruce Levenson fixed that issue in short order by shelling out the big bucks to bring in “Iso” Joe Johnson as a free agent from the Phoenix Suns. Johnson was a legitimate star and he would be the conductor that started up the train of fan attendance. When Levenson took over the Hawks they were ranked at the bottom of the league in attendance. By the time he left, back in 2014, the Hawks would be in the upper third.

Last season we saw Atlanta coast to a 60 win season before rolling through the playoffs to the Eastern Conference Finals. Atlanta’s 60 win mark was the most they’ve ever had in franchise history and the run to the ECF was the first time in the last 50 years. This furious charge to the top surprised most NBA fans but many talented analysts had seen it coming. Coach Mike Budenholzer is an offensive mastermind and he was given some elite tools in the off season in the form of Kyle Korver and Paul Millsap. The future was undeniably looking bright.

So with the Hawks set to compete for the foreseeable future, it made sense for Levenson to consider moving on from the team. Atlanta had seen their franchise value double from $425 to $850 million in just the past couple of years and this brought on a storm of buyers who were interested in the up and coming team. Billionaire real estate mogul Antony Ressler ended up at the top of the auction bidding along with his buying group, including Grant Hill.

Ressler’s name probably sounded familiar to those paying attention to the NBA as he was previously in talks to take over the Clippers. Now Ressler is getting a solid franchise for half of the price and he is poised for long term contention. If Ressler can bring passion to the team and continue where Levenson left off then things are looking mighty good.

Stephan Murray’s brain child, CCMP Capital, is a key player in investing

CCMP capital is a global private equity firm with a track record of great success. CCMP’s focuses on leveraged buyouts and growth capital transactions. Founded in 1984, Stephen Murray CCMP Capitalhas gone through a few name changes in its elaborate history. Originally founded as Chemical Venture Partners, the first name change came as Chemical Venture Partners purchased Chase Manhattan Bank. The company’s name was then changed to Chase Capital Partners. Then, once more when Chase was purchased by JPMorgan & Co, they changed their name to JP Morgan Partners. In 2005, JP Morgan partners announced plans to separate and in 2006 it was official. This led to one more name change to what it is now, CCMP. The current name reflects the firm’s heritage. The first C stands for Chemical Ventures, the Second C stands for Chase Capital, the M stands for Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan, and the P stands for partners.

Throughout the whole evolution of CCMP, Former CEO and co-founder Stephen Murray played an intrinsic part. He was a good man that died way too soon. Stephen started with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation which was eventually purchased by Chemical Bank in 1991. Then MH equity merged with Chemical Venture Partners and so began the journey to bring CCMP in fruition. Stephen’s success in business was parallel to his kindness. He supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boston College, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Samford Museum, and Columbia Business School. He will be sorely missed by CCMP.
All of this rich history made CCMP what it is today. With a focus in investments, CCMP specializes in making buyout and growth equity investments in North America and Europe. Typically, CCMP invests $100 million to $500 million of equity per transaction in companies of all different sizes ranging from a $250 million companies to $2 billion companies. This allows the companies to provide real estate diversification solutions, Management buyouts and carve-outs, move from a public company to a private company, develop growth, and equitize over leveled capital structures.

Since its conception, CCMP had fostered a deep industry expertise in four targeted sectors; Consumer/retail, Industrial, Healthcare, and Energy. Some of the companies in CCMP’s diverse portfolio include, Jetro, Ollies, Aramark, MedPace, MedQuest, Latigo, and Noble to name a few.

Overall, CCMP has evolved a great deal over their 31 years of history to become and remain one of the nation’s most predominate investment firms. With a proud past and a bright future, CCMP will remain a key player in the industry for many years to come.

The Heroism Of A Giant Inside The Small Frame Of North Korean Defector: Yeonmi Park

When the Hollywood movie The Interview was released I thought it was a very funny film, but the one thing that occurred to me was my lack of knowledge about the horrible things that take place in North Korea according to THE GUARDIAN, which is officially called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – DPRK. I, like most people, have heard many accounts in the news media about how the North Korean people are starving and about the human rights violations against the North Korean’s. However, the tragedy that exists in the hermit nation never really struck a chord with me because I never heard a first-hand account from anyone who has lived there.

So, after I watched the movie I decided to educate myself and research more information about the DPRK. More so, I was hoping to find an interview about someone who had experienced or witnessed the brutality that exists there. After an hour of doing research, I came across a speech by a 21-year-old woman who had defected with her mother from North Korea to South Korea by way of China.

Her name is Yeonmi Park, and her story is horrific and heart breaking. Her speech was delivered in Dublin, Ireland at the 2014 One Young World summit. The One Young World summit is an annual event that takes place in a different country every year. Park’s presentation was relatively short but chilling; her first-hand account about her life in North Korea and her heroic escape shocked me. Her tearful speech provided tremendous insight into the constant fear and desperation that the North Korean people face.

Park detailed the daring escape that she and her mother made to China when she was 15 years old. The escape entailed many hardships, which included a grueling journey over frigid mountains and across frozen lakes in the dark of night. As I researched her story further, I learned that during her escape her mother was raped in China and that the both of them were sold into sex trafficking before they found refuge.

The trauma that Park and her mother suffered were exacerbated by Park’s missing older sister, Eunmi, who secretly defected from North Korea before Park and her mother did. In addition, while Park and her mother were still in China her father escaped from North Korea and joined them. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with colon cancer, and he survived for less than a year after defecting.

Shortly after her father’s death, Park and her mother migrated to South Korea where they gained permanent residency and where they eventually reunited with Eunmi. Currently, Park is a college student, and she is a vocal activist against human rights violations in North Korea. As a result of her activism, the North Korean government has made death threats against her life. However, she does not exhibit any fear as she openly makes public speeches against the North Korean government. Her ultimate goal is to topple the totalitarian state and to free the North Korean people from a life of tyranny.

Madison Street’s 40 Under Forty Leader


Madison Street Capital, LLC positions its clients for success in the global marketplace.
According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, every client’s objectives and goals with every new project become Madison’s objectives and goals, whether M&A transactions, successful capital raises, financial advisory, or transfers of ownership.
Through dedication to high professional standards Madison has won clients all over the world.
Madison is an international investment banking firm. It concentrates assets on emerging markets, which it considers central to the global growth of its clients.
Leadership, integrity, excellence, and service drive Madison Street Capital, LLC to provide corporate financial advisory services, expertise in mergers and acquisitions, financial opinions, and valuation services to business, both publicly and privately held.
Madison Street Capital’s leaders are Anthony Marsala, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer and Charles Botchway, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Marsala leads and manages Madison’s international operations in Asia, Europe, and Africa, as well as overseeing the company’s due diligence and analytical teams, which carry out all business valuation tasks for Madison’s Corporate Finance and M&A clients.
Marsala specializes in corporate finance, M&A, and business valuation. In the past 13 years, he has performed many valuations and transactional engagements in many companies of different sizes and across many industry sectors. He has focused primarily on early stage ventures and middle market companies. He has worked in the technology, energy, food and agriculture, distribution and wholesale, staffing, manufacturing, biotech, medical devices, and pharmaceutical sectors, among others.
Marsala has recently been recognized by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) in its 40 Under Forty recognition program.
NACVA and CTI (Consultants’ Training Institute) are founded on superior quality, excellence, and the pioneering spirit with visionary leaders from all areas of the professions of accounting and financial consulting.
Nominees had made remarkable improvements in mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, litigation consulting, expert witness testimony, financial forensics, and related professions. Executives from NACVA and CTI chose the honorees and felt that the quality of the candidates made the choice very difficult.
The 40 Under Forty program recognizes and provides opportunity to mavericks in the industry, and recognizes their contributions to the profession, as well as to their communities, and even contributions not yet made.
They want the best of the best in their group of experts and leaders in the industry.

Former CEO Susan McGalla Living Her Dream

Susan McGalla is one of hundreds of women who have cracked the glass ceiling. Not only has she headed two Fortune 500 companies, she currently runs her own. After nearly two decades in the retail business, McGalla started P-3 Executive Consulting. This dream has been a long time coming, and McGalla couldn’t be more thrilled. Now, she’s calling the shots and helping other companies in areas of finance, strategy, supply chain and organizational development.

Now that McGalla is at the top of her game, she reflects on how she worked her way up through the ranks and became one the youngest CEOs in the country. Shortly after college, she went to work for Joseph Horne Company. After several years as a marketing manager, she was appointed head of marketing. McGalla next found success at American Eagle Outfitters. She was appointed as CEO in 2004 and was instrumental in helping develeop a number of high-profile clothing lines. As the first woman CEO of the company, McGalla says she always received her due respect and never felt she was treated differently because she is a woman.

McGalla says she learned he work ethic from her father. “He was always very supportive and taught me about being tough,” says McGalla. She took her family’s teachings to heart, and it has served her well in the corporate world. Mcgalla says you have to have a thick exterior if you want to make it. “It can get ugly sometimes, but you have to take the good with the bad if you want to survive.” McGalla took the positon as CEO at Wet Seal after a successful tenure at American Eagle Outfitters. “I felt like it was time for a change,” says McGalla.

Wet Seal was a demanding job. McGalla says she enjoyed it, but she felt it was time to do something that he longed to do before it got too late. P-3 Executive Consulting has seen a great deal of success since its inception. “We have a very good team of professionals and some very good clients as well,” says McGalla.

Mcgalla sits on an number of area boards including the University of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Women’s Hospital. She also sits on the board of advisors at her alma mater Mount Union College. A Pittsburgh native, McGalla is a huge fan of her hometown Pittsburgh Steelers. She currently serves as strategic planning director for the organization.

Meet Doe Deere – Creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Millions of people purchase cosmetics from well known companies every day, but few people take the time to really get to know the faces behind the brands they love. Each and every cosmetics company has hard working people that spend hours working behind to scenes to come up with just the right shades and products, with little to no public recognition.

Doe Deere is one of those hard working people, and is best known for the success of her well known cosmetics company called Lime Crime.

Originally from the country of Russia, she came to the United States at the age of 17 and studied the art of fashion design. In 2005, she began working as a makeup artist and constantly found herself longing for a more eccentric cosmetics company rather than the more mainstream types. Determined to develop a line of cosmetics that goes beyond the norm and breaks stereotypes and boundaries, she began to brainstorm and put a plan in motion.

A few years down the line in the year 2008, she started the company Lime Crime, and gained popularity almost overnight. Before long, Lime Crime was a huge favorite among many of the popular beauty bloggers.

The products are best known for their bright colors and intense pigmentation. In many interviews, Doe Deere has stated that she prides herself on being able to come up with some of the brightest and most intense makeup on the market, but she doesn’t stop there. Doe also uses her creativity to come up with fun and imaginative names for the products, which has become a huge selling point among her fans. For example, some of the most popular product names are called “Airborne Unicorn”, and “Retrofuturist.”

When Doe first started her Lime Crime, she used her excellent marketing techniques and she was able to gain a huge following through the internet. By selling her cosmetic products at makeup artists trade shows and beauty expos, her popularity increased even further. Many times, customers would wait in line for hours just to be able to browse the latest items and purchase their favorites.

Ideamensch guru Doe Deere has spent an incredible amount of time perfecting her craft and she is always sure to go above and beyond what people might expect. Every new product has many hours of work and dedication behind it. One of the things people appreciate most is the fact that she ensures that all of her Lime Crime products are vegan, as well as completely 100 percent cruelty free, and are never tested on animals.

Even though she spends so much time working on her new Lime Crime products, Doe always manages to find time to connect with her fans via her various social media networks. She has a huge internet following, she posts often, and does her best to interact and respond to the messages that she receives. As of today, between all of her different social media outlets she currently has a total of over four hundred thousand followers.

Wikipedia is No Place for Critical Essays

Critical essays are wonderful to read, but they do not have a place on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and this means the content on the site focuses mainly, if not solely, on facts. An analysis of the subject matter, no matter how well-written, is going to be removed by the Wikipedia writers on getyourwiki. The writers who submitted the content might end up being perplexed over the decision to cut such high quality writing. The authors may even begin to doubt if their writing was up to par in the first place.

Critical essays can be best described as unique, original opinions that are put forth on a particular subject. They are not strictly factual documents that provide reference material to those reading the text for research and informational purposes. Again, Wiki is only interested in material that covers basic facts. Opinion pieces and analytical items are not supposed to appear anywhere on its virtual pages. While something might sneak through, the chances that the item remains published is doubtful. A volunteer editor is likely to remove the text and do so without warning. No matter how thoughtful or well-written the entry is, the content is not appropriate for Wiki. That means the entry has to go.

An example of factual material would be writing about a new or old motion picture’s history. The content of the entry would include a listing of the principal actors and actresses, the shooting location, any source material in which the film is based on, critical reception, or how well the film did financially. The factual nature of these components are not exactly difficult to understand. Even minute trivia related to the film is considered perfectly appropriate.

An essay that focused on the themes were subtext of the film would fall outside of the parameters of what Wikipedia finds acceptable. There is too much personal opinion to be found in a critical essay. A lot of the writing is speculative in nature. Additionally, Wikipedia wants all entries to be based on previously established items. There is no desire on the part of the web site to provide new material covering new angles. Such material could be published elsewhere and possibly cited or sourced on Wiki’s pages. Wiki, however, is not supposed to be the debut venue for original content of this nature.

Is it acceptable to take a chance and just publish something with the hope Wikipedia allowed to stand? Doing so reflects a blatant violation of the online encyclopedia standards. A violation could lead to an entry been removed. Anyone who violates these terms over and over again could end up blacklisted from the community.

If you are trying to create a Wiki page and are not sure if you are going about things the right way, consider it well advisable to contact a Wiki writing service. Get Your Wiki is a well-established writing, editing, and monitoring service that specializes in helping manage Wikipedia content. Working with Get Your Wiki ensures content follows established community guidelines.