Questioned Recollections Of Yeonmi Park

When the word bravery is used it is typically not associated with teenage girls. In the case of Yeonmi Park bravery is what she exhibited, and bravery is why she is alive. Yeonmi comes from a family who had dedicate their lives to the service of the North Korean Government. When accusations began to fly and a family was killed by officials the family fled the country. Yeonmi Park has written on her experiences within North Korea and the harrowing tale of fleeing the country. any of her accounts cannot be 100% verified. This is because the country is shrouded with much secrecy and threats to those who talk. This has led some to believe that the accounts of her story may be somewhat blown out of proportion and not true. The North Korean government even discredits her recounting of conditions in the country. Pyongyang has gone to great lengths to produce political material to show that the country does care about its people and there are no human rights violations. Ms. Park claims that she and members of her family were deprived of food and on some days did not eat. Their fleeing the country caused the eventual death of her father who was suffering from cancer and did not get treatment. The flight to freedom also caused Yeonmi Park to be raped at the tender age of 13, but she states that the freedom gained is worth the pain suffered. Ignoring those who doubt her, Yeonmi continues to enjoy the democracy and freedom she has found since leaving North Korea. She states that she has never experienced the freedom of so many choices and having so much food available to her. Whether or not the entire story of Yeonmi Park is true does not pale the fact that many other refugees from that regime are recounting many similar events happening to them. For those other refugees it is not what Yeonmi states, but the factual nature of some of her recollection. She was, after all, a young girl when all of this happened. Their concern s that the world’s nations take the accounts seriously and help to bring them to an end.

Steelers High Fashion

A new website accompanied by a new fashion line has been launched by the Steelers, with perfect timing to open the football season. Susan McGalla, Director of Strategic Planning, strives to make it easy to shop Steelers, no matter the device used. This year Pandora jewelry with Steelers charms, Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf, and Victoria’s Secret clothing lines fleshes out the Steelers merchandise. For young girls, there is lots of pink, neon yellow, and metallic gold. The Steelers logo may be discreet on some items, but it is there. McGalla seeks to blend street with sports and athletes with merchandise. She has taken the time to find what fans are really looking for; McGalla is nearly a local, having been born in Ohio, a short trip from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. People want what they see the athletes and their families wearing. Men want something they can wear to work; women want clothes that are pretty and flattering; and girls just want to have fun. This is accompanied by a new campaign called “It’s not just Friday, it’s Steelers Friday”. Fans are encouraged to wear black and gold on Steelers Friday, to take photos of their outfits, and to enter the contest for the best look. Prizes are involved. Increased social networking is part of this Facebook campaign. McGalla brings her strong background in retail from such positions as president of American Eagle Outfitters and as CEO of Wet Seal. She was the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, and also acted as an independent consultant in the retail field. McGalla has not only managed to survive in a world skewed in favor of men, she has thrived. She grew up thinking of herself as a person, not a woman. This has fortified her throughout her career.

George Soros predict global crises that echoes 2008 crises

Speaking at an economic forum on January 7, 2015, in Sri-lanka, the billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros warned against global market crises and cautioned investors. This can be inferred from increasing volatility in global equity, credit market, currency, and significant stress affecting major economies. This has led Soros to exclaim that the current crises echo 2008, crises.

After an average of 5% decline on major US stocks markets over the course of one week, George Soros stated that the situation reminded him the 2008 global crises. It sounds presumptuous to say that it feel like 2008 crises, but if you live in Canada where the real-estate marketer has already bubbled, and household have not deleveraged you will concede with Soros point of view. Also, measure of volatility such as Exchange Volatility Index and Stock Average index Volatile Index are surging this year

According to article, Soros spoke in Colombo explaining that China is struggling to develop a new growth model whiles its currency devaluation is posing problems to other markets across the world. He further stated that it is a challenge for a developing economy to return to positive interest rate, thus making the current economic environment similar to 2008.

According to CNBC article China economy has attracted many analysts as the stock market crash began in the last summer. In recent months, a raft of data disappointed China leaders as the country is refocusing its economy from manufacturing. Analysts have also pointed out concerns over Chinese market regulator; it seems that they don’t have grasps of China market, even they have introduced new rules to regulate numbers of share major shareholders in listed companies can sell per month.

China economy is shifting from manufacturing and investment to service and consumption. With Yuan sinking, the first week of the New Year saw commodity and stock markets under fire, hence raising concerns about the strength of China economy. Soros illustrated that China has significant adjustment problems that would amount to global crises.

Soros is certainly right that there is a worrisome disconnect concerning China pledges to shift its economy from excessive investment and manufacturing to economy based on services without sacrificing rapid growth. Besides, Soros wrote that china current policies represent unresolved self-contradiction since it has reignited exponential debt growth that is not sustainable in a couple of years to come. This is according to financial post article available on

Greg Hague Knows the Real Estate Market

The real estate market is highly complicated and complex. Both buyers and sellers look to the market to help them get their needs met. Each has an aim that includes making sure that any given property that is for sale on the market is sold at a price that both can find agreeable. Real estate agents such as Greg Hague know this and want to do their best to help both parties walk away from any real estate transaction as satisfied as possible. Agent Hague also knows that many sellers, and even many agents, are not always sure about the best way to sell any particular property. Hague has spent many years studying the market. In an article for Forbes Magazine, he shares his understanding of the real estate market and helps reveal how buyers and sellers can take advantage of it to get exactly what they want from any given transaction.

His focus is totally on the needs of sellers as they are the people who make important decisions about any given property. A seller is the person who ultimately, in most instances, will dictate exactly how any given property is sold and marketed as well as how the property changes hands. Hague wants to provide real estate agents and sellers with the opportunity to enjoy the best possible price for their house. He has worked hard to develop a method that he knows will work.

This is why he and his fellow real estate agents at Real Estate Mavericks have developed such a a devoted following. His method is one that has been proven to generate excitement about a particular property even before the property is placed in the general pool of available properties for others to see and look at directly in any given neighborhood. He has a specific strategy that he and his fellow agents at Real Estate Mavericks use to help overcome the sense that a property is not desirable. As he points out, when a property is placed on the market, it will often sit there if it does not generate initial interest and a pool of ready buyers.

His plan is to help overcome such perceptions and make buyers happy at the prospect of even being allowed to set foot inside the house. To that end, he starts a campaign to sell the house before it spends a single day on the market. He wants buyers and real estate agents to feel impressed and anxious to see it before he puts it on the market in an official capacity. In doing so, he can help jump start the process of selling a house and help bring in buyers who want to buy it.

Athlete of the Day: Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is a busy man. The former Villanova Wildcat lacrosse player has his plate full these days. Jon has co-founded several businesses, does charitable work, and can even take a plane out for a spin in his spare time, among other things.

As a former college-level lacrosse player himself, Jon Urbana passes on his love of the sport to a new generation of players. His business venture, Next Level Lacrosse Camp, helps new players develop their own style, and hone their skills with the help of former and active professional lacrosse players. This Colorado camp is unique and individualized in its approach.

Other Business Ventures:
Jon is the Head of Business Development at Ellipse USA, which he also helped to co-found. Ellipse USA develops high tech implants that assist victims of spinal injuries and development issues.

Charitable work:
In order to give back to his community, and use his local celebrity status for good, Jon Urbana has begun a number of charitable crowdfunding campaigns hosted across several different platforms. His campaign for the charity Earth Force INC focuses on getting young people involved in today’s important environmental issues. Want to help out? Donate here.

Jon also shows his soft spot for animals with his charity campaign for ARAS, a no-kill shelter for the furry felines of Denver Colorado. Check that campaign out here.

Pilot Career:
Jon is not, however, an all-work-no-play kind of guy. He has earned his pilot’s license, and is recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration with his FAA Airmen Certification. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of one of his excursions here.

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Dog Food That You Wouldn’t Mind on Your Own Plate

It’s a familiar scene in many food based companies. A high powered executive gives a tour to reporters while sampling some of the products. And that’s what a reporter recently wrote an article about for the Daily Herald. The article was all about the reason why this is no longer something that’s out of the ordinary. Not for restaurant owners or for people making prepackaged meals for people, but for the companies making dog food. The idea of someone savoring the taste of dog food, or even just the ingredients for it, might seem surprising to most. But the article went on to talk about why this shouldn’t be very shocking. The main reason is that quite a few dog food brands are focusing on making healthier products by using natural ingredients. The same meats and vegetables that are produced for people are also finding their way into dog food. This might seem like something shockingly new. But in reality it’s been going on behind the scenes for quite some time. For example, people might have noticed that their pets love the taste of the Beneful high quality dog food brand. But what they didn’t realize is that the reason dogs love it so much is that it’s always been made with high quality natural ingredients. The reason is quite simple. Most people just don’t spend much time looking at their dog’s meals. But those who have looked at Beneful dog food were probably surprised by what they saw. When one actually examines Beneful dog food than it’s clear what goes into the product. Because just as a great meal on one’s own plate is easy to categorize, so is Beneful’s dog food. It’s easy to see if it’s a vegetable blend because the vegetables are right there in the dog food. And a similar thing can be said of the beef, chicken and other meats. And that’s really the key to why dogs love the high quality dog food brand so much. When dogs bites down on dog food they’re actually feeling the texture of real, natural, ingredients. And they’re tasting the deliciousness that comes from a well made meal.

Fashion and Function

Cold weather is here. The chill in the air and the snow on the ground means that it is time to make a full transition from summer style business shoes to business shoes designed to withstand the cold. Finding a fashionable italian shoes that caters to your specific style preferences is not as difficult as you may think. You simply have to find a show made of quality, high-grade materials that is also classic and trendy.

The material of a winter shoe is incredibly important. Particularly if you live in an area where the winter climate change is extreme. The drastic change in temperature can cause damage to shoes of inferior quality, so you are going to want to find shoes that are made of a durable materials like leather. It also helps if the shoes are hand crafted. While this may not initially seem like an important quality in a business shoe you would be surprised at the tremendous difference it makes. Whatever style of shoe you choose, make sure that you follow all of the cleaning and care instructions. This will help to extend the wear and keep up the appearance of the shoe.

In addition to the importance of the shoe quality, you are also going to want to find a hoe that is professional and stylish. Paul Evans has an outstanding collections of shoes that are high quality and extremely fashionable. Whether your style is edgy, trendy, classic or bold, Paul Evan’s tremendous shoes are designed to fit a number of occasions and preferences. This means you will not have any trouble finding what you are looking for in a men’s winter shoes.

This winter might have you walking through a bit of snow and navigating patches of ice, but luckily you do not have to sacrifice your well stylish professional appearance because of the weather conditions. Picking a carefully crafted shoe that is fashionable is easier than ever.

Bruce Levenson: The NBA and beyond

Many people know the names of many team owners in the NBA but not a lot of people know them besides their title as “team owner.” This article is about one of the most prolific owners in the NBA, Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson was born in Washington DC but grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended college at Washington University in St. Louis and is a graduate from the law school of American University. Levanson began a journalism career while in college at Washington State. Levenson later co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG) with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. UCG launched data bases including Oil Price Information Service. UCG specializes in data, news, and analysis for the healthcare, energy, mortage banking, technology, and telecommunications industries. In 2004,Bruce Levenson and Peskowitz became majority partners of the NBA basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks. The deal also included Atlanta’s hockey team the Atlanta Thrashers, however they sold the Thrashers in 2011. Levenson is the team’s managing partner and is also one of the members of the NBA Board of Governors. In 2012, Danny Ferry was hired as the Hawks president and general manager. Ferry played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and was also general manager of the Cavaliers. Ferry was also vice president of the San Antonio Spurs. In 2014, Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks went to the Holocaust Memorial in his home town of Wasington DC. Levenson’s mother in law is a Holocaust survivor accompanied them and spoke of her trying times during the Holocaust. In 2014, Levenson made plans to sell his part of ownership of the team. Levenson is a founding board member of Tech Target and is also on their Board of Directors. Levenson served as a director of the company from 1999 to 2012. Levenson is involved with several organizations such as the Community Foundation of Washington D.C., ESPN, and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. He served as president of an organization that helps low income children pursue higher education, the organization is called the I Have A Dream Foundation. Levenson donates regularly to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and funds the Bringing the Lessons Home program. This program teaches inner city students the events of the Holocaust and trains them to be tour guides at the Museum. Levenson makes donations to other organizations such as the SEED foundation and Seeds of Peace. He supports several Jewish organizations such as Birthright Israel, the Jewish Federation, The Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, and BBYO. In 2013, Levenson sent a letter to the Israeli Prime Minister urging him to work closely with US Secretary of State John Kerry in regards to Israel’s need for security. Levenson and his wife own homes in Atlanta and Maryland and have three sons.

Choosing A Comfortable And Stylish Winter Shoe

Winter is coming and there are only two things a man has on his mind when it comes to shoes. A man is looking for practical shoes that will last him through the cold months that are to come. Winter unleashes predictable weather. There will be snow, rain, and gusty winds. A man needs a shoe that will last through all of the elements. He needs a shoe that won’t leak, won’t develop holes or fray. A man also needs a shoe that is stylish. Luckily, winter is the perfect time to shop for a well-made and good-looking shoe.

Boots are the most popular types of shoes during this time. It’s crucial to purchase these from a trustworthy company in order to ensure they will last through the season. Paul Evans leather shoes is one of those companies. They use only the finest handcrafted Italian leather. This shows that the shoe is made out of material that is built to last. It’s not mass produced in a factory with cheap materials like most department store shoes. Paul Evans shoes are also true to size. A man doesn’t have to sacrifice his comfort in order to protect his feet from the cold.

A man also doesn’t have to sacrifice his style. All too often, there are boots that just look big and bulky. That’s not the case with a Paul Evans style. These boots are made to go with everyday outfits. A man can wear these to work, on a date, or just running errands.

It can be hard for a person to leave their house during the winter months. It’s cold, windy, and snowy. Paul Evans understands this and that’s why their product is delivered right to the doorstep of the customer. There is no middle man to go through which in turn leaves everyone a lot happier. Overall, Paul Evans truly understands how to run a successful shoe business. It’s a combination of shoe quality and customer service.

How Does Handy Help The Cleaning Industry?

Handy is a house cleaning bulletin board that allows people to find house cleaners in a few moments, and the service provides house cleaners with a way to find more clients. The bulletin board is a two-way street that has opened up a market that once seemed closed off to people who were in the middle or lower classes. Handy is a company that is growing in increments that were once unheard of in the industry, and this article explains how the industry is changing under the watchful eyes of Handy.

#1: The Bulletin Board Offers Search Capabilities For Users

Users who need house cleaners can find their new cleaners on the bulletin board, and the bulletin board provides a way for each client to vet their cleaners before hiring them. Each cleaner creates a profile for their business, and the clients may check the profiles before hiring someone. The website provides security for its clients when choosing a new person to clean the house. Clients were once forced to find reliable cleaners on their own.

#2: The Bulletin Board Create Possibilities For Cleaners

Cleaners who are looking more clients can create large client bases using Handy. The site book $3 million in jobs their first year, but the company is currently booking $1 million in jobs a week at this time. Cleaners who have just a few clients can create a larger group of clients that will increase revenues. A cleaner can use increased revenues to hire more employees, and the cleaning business can expand to other parts of the city.

#3: The Bulletin Board Pays Fair Prices

The prices paid for cleaning services are fair for both parties. The site pays $14-$22 an hour for cleaning services, and these cleaning services will do anything a homeowner needs. Homeowners can request any service they need, and homeowners are given many new choices when asking for cleaning services. Cleaners are capable of coming on short notice, cleaning before parties or cleaning major messes that were created during parties. Each cleaner has a list of services that customers may choose from, and customers may read those lists on the Handy website.

#4: Handy Compares Well To Uber

Handy and Uber compare well to each other in the way they provide their services. Uber offers driver services on demand, and Handy offers driver services on demand in the same manner. There are many people who need cleaners on the spot, and the cleaners that are ready to fill their calendars will find the last few clients they need to make their week as profitable as possible.

There are several cleaners who sign up for the site every day, and the people who are looking for great cleaners will find them through Handy on demand. Handy is the perfect place for people to find the cleaning services they need for their homes or businesses, and the people who are signing up for services will have their homes for fair prices every day.