Overview of CCMP Capital Company

CCMP capital is a private equity industry which was founded in the year 1986.it has its headquarters in 245park venue New York City in the United States. Initially this company was known as Chemical Venture Partners. The company focuses on transactions based on leveraged buyout and private equity funds. This company has invested an estimate of $12 billion in the products it offers. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital emerged position 17 among the private equity funds in the world in the year 2007. CCMP offices are located in Tokyo, New York, and London.It also has more than 50 employees who work to ensure all investments are accounted for.

Stephen Steve P. Murray is one of the people who can never be left out in a discussion when CCMP Capital Company is mentioned. Stephen is an American nationalist was born in august 2, 1962. He went to Boston College in Columbia where he concentrated on economics and therefore ended up graduating with a Degree in this field. He also went ahead to acquire a postgraduate Degree from Columbia business school. Here his main focus was on business administration.

Before becoming the CEO of CCMP in 2007, Stephen had worked on various levels within this great company. Stephen was one of the beneficiaries of a program offered by Manufacturers Hannover Corporation which trained people on credit analyst in 1984. In 2005 Stephen was made the head of JP Morgan Partners buyout business. Stephen went ahead to form CCMP Capital which its background was from JP Morgan chase this was an invention he came up with in August 2006. Murray also participated in most large companies’ boards, for example, Aramark and The Vitamin Shoppe.

CCMP originally served as a business capital arm and private equity of Chemical Bank. Following different changes and circumstances, the company name was changed again to Chase Capital Partners then to JP Morgan partners and finally settled on CCMP Capital Investment Company. In 2005, JP Morgan partners separated from JP Morgan Chase and announced this to the public. In April 2006 the sale of an interest that amounted to $925 million was completed by JP Morgan partners to JP Morgan Partners fund. Coincidentally,this spinout came about the same time other private equity groups were spinning out from banks with leading investments. A fundraising was done in 2007 and a lump sum amount of money that amounted to $3.4billion was able to be raised.

After the spinout with JP Morgan Partners this company focused on forming a new firm called Panorama Capital which its main focus was on venturing capital transactions. After a period of over a year Panorama closed its commitments and CCMP went ahead focusing on Unitas Capital and Linzor Capital. All these companies focused of private equity transactions and recorded values that were impressive.

The Story of Yeonmi Park, North Korean Defector and Activist

Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, overcame tremendous odds and survived to share her story with the world. The atrocities she has witnessed do not reflect on her appearance; Park is pretty, petite, and daintily dressed. She’s become an accidental celebrity and the public face of North Korean defectors. Park is now a college student and a prolific activist. She’s using her newly acquired freedom of speech to share her story with with multiple platforms of media, a stark contrast to North Korea’s one-channel propaganda television.

Growing up, Park came from a prosperous family and was taught at an early age to to keep quiet. At 9, she witnessed her friend’s mother being executed for a watching an American movie. At 13, her father was sent to a concentration camp for illegally selling metals to China. Park and her mother managed to escape North Korea, crossing the treacherous river into China and avoiding the guards that shoot escaping defectors on sight.

But all was not well. They had escaped into another hell; Park and her mom became victims of human trafficking. At one point, Yeonmi was threatened with rape. Her mother intervened and was raped instead. Soon, Yeonmi and her mother were separated. Eventually, a man offered to reunite her with her parents on one condition; Park would become his mistress.

Soon after Park of yeonmi.net and her parents were reunited, her father died of colon cancer. Park mourned her father’s death alone in the dark, unable to share her sorrow. It was time for them to escape yet again. They crossed the cold Gobi desert one night into Mongolia. With no oppressive regime or human slavery, they were finally free.

North Korea consistently tries to discredit defectors, and with Parks popularity and media success, she became an instant target. North Korea’s propaganda channel released a video stating that Park’s father never defected and had died while still in the country. North Korea has tried to discredit other defectors, including Shin Dong-hyuk, famous for being the only person to successfully escape Kaechon internment camp, a “total control zone.” Shin Dong-hyuk has faced scrutiny for changing his story, but this is not uncommon for someone who has been through an extremely traumatic experience. Not only must defectors deal with living through unimaginable horrors, but they have to deal with the consequences of living in an oppressive culture where image is everything.

Although she’s physically free, Yeonmi will never truly be free of her horrific past in North Korea. Like a war torn vet experiencing flashbacks, she’ll have to fight the demons of her past for as long as she lives.

Defectors who have turned activist are essential to raising awareness of the atrocities of human rights violations occurring in North Korea. The chilling reality of these abusive conditions can only be told through those who have lived through it.

Steve Murray: An Extraordinary Leader at the Helm of CCMP Capital

At the beginning of 2015, the business community received the news that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital had decided to leave CCMP capital as a result of health-related problems. Most people wished him well, and some even hoped that after he had resolved the health issues, he would manage to get back to work at CCMP. Sadly, barely 2 months after he had left, he passed away. He was aged 52 at the time of his death. Following his death, there was a lot of focus on the extraordinary style of leadership that Murray had offered at the firm.

Murray’s Background
Stephen Murray was born in 1962 and died in 2015. He was an entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist. His occupation up to the time of his death was a Private Equity, Investor. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital attended his undergraduate studies at the Boston College. He graduated in 1984 with a degree in economics. He then proceeded to the Columbia business school where he acquired a master’s in Business administration. He started working at CCMP and the firms that came before it in 1989, rising through the ranks until he was appointed as CEO in 2007.

Besides being the CEO at CCMP, Murray was also a board member at Crestcom International, LHP Hospital Group, and Octagon credit investors among others. Murray left behind a wife and children. There are many things that Steve will be remembered for, especially from his 3-decade long service at CCMP.

There has been a lot of information and speculations surrounding the exit of Murray. However, it is important to focus on the good that he did during his tenure. CCMP was founded in 1984 under a different name. It has evolved over the decades to become one of the best private equity firms. However, the amount of success the company has experienced in recent years hasn’t come easy for them. It was through the hard work of people like Murray. When Murray joined the company, it was only worth a few hundred thousand dollars. By the time he was exiting, the firm had over 16 billion in equities.

Besides the fact that he oversaw tremendous growth at the firm, Murray also lived a very inspiring personal life. He was a huge philanthropist. He helped foundations such as the Boston College, the Make a Wish foundation of the Metro in New York, Columbia Business School and also the Food Bank at the Lower Fairfield County. He was also a loving father and husband to his family. The changes that he oversaw at CCMP only go to confirm that he was indeed one of the most transformational leaders that the company needed during that critical time when it was spreading its wings. He has left behind a legacy that will last a long time.

Highland Capital CEO Dondero Still Working His Magic

James Dondero hasn’t quite reached the pinnacle of his phenomenal career. Not only is he one of the biggest hedge fund investors in the industry, he also has a track record that spans over 30 years. Dondero is the CEO of Highland Capital Management, an award-winning alternative investment company that is also a pioneer in offering Collateral Loan Obligations (CLO). Dondero started the company back in 1990 along with business partner and entrepreneur, Mark Okada. Today, the company manages billions of dollars in portfolios. Under Dondero’s leadership, Highland Capital is a global investment leader.

James Dondero has received many awards over the years for his excellence in investment management. He has won both the Chandler Award and the Lipper Award for long/short equity funding. Dondero has created a long list of satisfied clients, who have profited handsomely from the advice of Highland Capital’s professional investment team.

Dondero takes pride in his company creating many products and services for his world-wide investors. Private equity funds, mutual funds, hedge funds and EFT’s are just a few of the services offered by Highland. The company is constantly developing new strategies and platforms to help investors receive the highest returns while putting forth minimal risk. “We won’t ask our clients to do anything we won’t do,” says Dondero.

Recently, NexPoint Residential Trust announced the addition of Dondero to chair its board of directors team. “We are excited to add Mr. Dondero to our team. We know he will make a positive contributions due to his extensive expertise,” says NexPoint Residential CEO, Brian Mitts. NexPoint Residential Trust buys and sells middle-income properties for families living in the Southwest portion of the U.S. The company is also an affiliate of Dondero’s Highland Capital Management.

Dondero is a generous philanthropist and gives to many Dallas-area organizations that support the plight of veterans, education and homeless. Dondero says it has always been his goal to give back and help those who are not as fortunate. He sits on a number of boards including Banknote and CCS Medical Corporation.

Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia in 1984 with a degree in economics and finance. He first became a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) after graduation. An honor graduate, Dondero went on to work for Protective Life subsidiary GIC from 1989-1993. He began working for American Express as a portfolio manager then entered Morgan Guranty management training program. Dondero says the experience he received at these companies gave him the confidence to start his own. This turned out to be one of the best decisions he’s ever made, as his company is now a global power.

Dondero is married and lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two children.

Doe Deere: The Colors of Success

Recently, Stephanie Janetos interviewed Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, for Galoremag.com. Self-Made Magazine named Deere as a Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur for her success with Lime Crime. According to the article, Deere had always been interested in bright, colorful clothing, fashion accessories, and makeup. She was an artist in the making.

Doe Deere is a Russian-American who still believes in the American dream. As a teenager, she learned how to sew and was making outfits for herself and for her friends. She found a financial niche for her creations by using Internet auctions. Eleven years ago, Deere had an eBay store where she sold clothes that she designed. One of her favorite colors was lime green, and she liked the funny rhyming scheme of “lime crime” on storyexchange.com. The name was unique and was SEO-friendly. Customers visited her on-line store to see pictures of Deere modeling her newest fashion designs, and they started buying.

People liked her clothes because they were modern with a sleek twist. About the same time, Deere began experimenting with makeup, because she was never satisfied with the color choices on the market. She wanted flashy and edgy colors that would blend in with her clothing designs. Her makeup combinations were an instant hit on the Internet and Deere launched the Lime Crime makeup brand in 2008. People were drawn to her brilliant color palate.

Lime Crime customers order products from the Lime Crime website. Deere appreciates the boost that social media gives to her brand and how it connects them to customers. She also commented about the downside of the Internet and how easy it is for anonymous people to spread misinformation about businesses and their owners. Deere says that such activity is inevitable for any business that is online. She says that the best way to deal with such trivial online gossip is to ignore it. Lime Crime’s sales volume and thousands of satisfied customers nixes the rumor mill, she says. Deere says that entrepreneurs can improve and grow from dealing with Internet problems.

Doe Deere calls her Lime Crime fans “unicorns” because the diversity of her brand allows people to create unique looks. Since Deere has always had a fashion sense of her own, she feels that offering customers this diversity will help them create their own look. Lime Crime has a chic and edgy makeup line that includes eye-popping shades of lipstick, blush, and eye shadow. Some of the colors are glittery and make the wearer shine. Customers rave about Deere’s opulent nail colors and they wonder what new color will be made.

According to Doe Deere, it was a great honor to be on Self-Made magazine’s cover. She mentions some of the other powerful female entrepreneurs who were highlighted and says that these women are an inspiration to her. Deere started her company from nothing into a multi-million dollar on-line company. She is proud of her accomplishments with Lime Crime and hopes that she can inspire other women to be creative and start their own businesses.

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The Rise of Social Media and Online Dating

Social Media has taken the world by storm. Within the last decade, many technological advances have made it easier to connect with people all around the world. Startup social sites like MySpace really paved the way for things like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All these websites have different advantages but they all have the same common denominator. At the end of the day these apps are used to connect us all. Since talking to strangers on the internet has become more common, online dating has significantly rose to popularity within the last 10 years. We’ll go over different websites that specialize in bringing people together and the most popular apps for online dating.

Back in the early 2000’s, MySpace was the pioneer for social media websites. These social layouts were brilliant and allowed people to quickly gather a large amount of information about each other. They also have the ability to post photos and communicate privately via message. Dating websites were already an option at the time but MySpace put a fun, young twist on the world of online dating. Many people started using this as a method to get to know people and eventually connect in the real world. When meeting up with anyone you don’t know it is always extremely important to be cautious and smart. Internet safety became a huge topic of discussion and brought awareness to internet predators.

MySpace was an introductory app to the world of connecting online but wasn’t meant to be a dating site. Different dating apps did start coming up after MySpace’s successful launch. Things like CrushSpot, Zoosk, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, etc. It’s safe to say in today’s society there are plenty of dating apps to choose from. Not every app is a hit however and only a few become well known. Skout is another app that became popular as a dating app although it wasn’t originally meant to be.

Skout launched in 2007 on zendesk.com. This was right around the same time FaceBook and other websites were becoming popular. Skout offered global positioning systems which would allow the user to find people and events nearby. In short, the app has the ability to locate you and show you people within your area. This was a new and exciting feature because it was unlike anything at the time. The app was meant to connect people all over and allow them to make new friends. Because of the global positioning aspect, Skout became very popular among young people. Many dating apps showed you people all over the world but none were able to find local people and activities. Skout easily took off and like many other social sites started linking people together for romantic purposes. Today Skout is available in over 180 countries.

Social networking has taken the world by a storm and isn’t leaving anytime soon. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s an app for that. Everything from Twitter to Snap Chat to Skout, we as a society have a tremendous amount of technology to keep us all connected.

James Dondero: An Inspiration to Businessmen

Highland Capital Management is one of the largest and most experienced worldwide alternative credit managers in the industry. Highland Capital Management has risen to this rank over the past two decades. In 1990, James Dondero and Mark Okada founded HCM by beginning a joint project with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. They focused on fixed income markets such as managing senior secured loans from banks. Three years later, this joint project turned into Protective Asset Management Company, of which Dondero and Okada owned 40%.

In 1997, it was clear that this joint venture on wikipedia.org was a success and it would only continue to grow. Because of this, Dondero and Okada purchased the entire company and renamed it Ranger Asset Management, L.P. This was now an independent advisor company that was registered with the

As the company began to take off in May of 1997, James Dondero and Mark Okada purchased Protective Life’s stake in PAMCO and established Ranger Asset Management, L.P. as an independent advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It only took a year after that to change the name of the company to Highland Capital Management, L.P., as they are still currently named.

At the turn of the century, Highland began to expand their business by launching its first blended bank loan fund. During that time, they also established a new platform for the Investment Company Act of 1940, which defines the responsibilities and limitations that are on open and closed-end funds and unit investment trusts that offer investment products to consumers.

Highland continued to grow throughout the years by expanding their product lines and acquiring floating rate funds from other companies. Additionally, they opened an office in Singapore and following that, in Seoul.

As previously mentioned, James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management and currently acts as the president of the company. He lives in Dallas, TX. Dondero has over three decades of experience in the credit sector and equity funds, mainly focusing on high-yield and distressed investing. focused largely on high-yield and distressed investing. Dondero also holds several chairman positions. He is chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare in High Point, NC, CCS Medical in Texas, and Nexbank, also located in Texas. Dondero is also a board member of American Banknote, based in New Jersey, and MGM Studios.

Aside from his professional life, Dondero is an active philanthropist. He supports non-profit organizations in education, veterans affairs, and public policy. Dondero graduated from UVA, more specifically from the McIntire School of Commerce, double majoring in accounting and finance. Mr. Dondero is also a CMA.

The Exciting World Of Economics With Christian Broda

Understanding how people choose to engage in many forms of economic activity is an important task that people often need to do. Someone may want to know how likely others are to buy products that he is palnning to sell in the open market. National governments also need to know how their citizens are likely to behave on the world of commerce as well as how they are likely to respond to certain laws or other forms of incentives that the government wishes to provide in order to help their citizens engage in certain kinds of economic activities such as purchasing certain goods that are at a surplus or using the kind of health care services that the nation wishes them to use.

It is for this reason that companies and governments turn to help from economists. An economist is one who studies how people and organizations make decisions to engage in any kind of economic activity. Many economists focus on certain specific areas of the overall economy such as the American stock market or the workings of the Russian market and how Russian governments interact with other national governments across the world. Many economists spend their working lives seeking to use the tools of their field in order to be able to show companies and governments how to better serve the needs of their customers and their citizenry.

One economist who fully understands the potential uses of economics is Mr. Christian Broda. Broda according to wikipedia is a highly trained fiscal professional who has spent many years studying various areas of economics. He work has focused on several areas of economics including that of the academic world and the world of finance. Broda has spent many years in the field of economics both in the private sector as well as in the academic field. His positions in this field have included teaching at the University of Chicago as well as work on topics such as economic stimulus and aggregate demand. Christian Broda has also done much to work with private clients who wish to gain insights into the potential of a bear market.

In order to prepare for entrance into this field, it is necessary for the potential economist to get the right kind of training. Most people will need to have at least a college degree and often advanced training as well such as a master’s degree or even a doctorate in order to get a job in this field. Those who have the right training will find that jobs are plentiful and economists are much in demand. The right kind of training will also help an economist figure out which particular area of economics they particularly like and want to consider specializing in once they enter the field. This can also help someone decide if they would like to focus their attention on the field of macroeconomics and study how economics works as a whole or only a small part of the world in order to understand it better.

Tips For Home Cleaning

Every person aspires to live in a spotless house, but no one wishes to spend a bulk of their time cleaning their houses. Fret no more because there are professionals who offer cleaning services and they do a good job. However, you may decide to do minor cleaning in your house, and you need to have a road-map. Here are more effective and less time-consuming strategies to make cleaning much easier.

  • Handy cleaning services

Handy was founded by two individuals, Umang Dua, and Oisin Hanrahan. Handy lets you find a plumber, a cleaner or even a handyman right from your iPhone. The company that is based in the New York City has drastically developed with at least 50 employees and thousands of freelancers. The team completes more than 10,000 jobs in one month. The company covers more than 13 cities and plans to open new offices in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. With handy, you get convenient services where you can get maid and cleaning solutions from an app on techcrunch.com.

  • Sanitize your sinks

Your kitchen sinks harbor bacteria, and you should focus on how to disinfect them. Use a labelled disinfectant EPA or you can make your own. Clean the sinks with soap and plenty of water. Spray a mist of hydrogen peroxide followed by a mist of vinegar. Let the sinks dry naturally. Do not mix both hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. For stainless steel sinks, buffing them with a piece of cloth soaked in mineral oil makes them sparkle.

  • Disinfect disposal

Before collection, you should work out odors. Sprinkle some salt and a few ice cubes to clean up the residue. Drop in a few pieces of cut-up lemon to deodorize the garbage.

  • Bathroom cleaning

Tame your toilet bowls. Apply a teaspoon of Tang in the bowl. Tang contains citric acid that acts as a scrubber. One benefit of using Tang drink is that it is nontoxic. Let it settle for a few minutes in the bowl and then flush.

  • Stain Removal

Pet stains and wine spills are the most common stains you are likely to get on your carpet. If you wish to remove red wine stains from your carpet, just apply some salt over the wet spill. Salt granules are best to absorb the wine from the carpet. Let the salt remain over the spill for some time. This method does not work well for dried stains. Pour some water over the dried stain to make it wet then apply some salt.

  • Sweeping

You should do your cleaning from top to bottom. Any dust particles and debris that fall on the floor will be picked up while you sweep the floor.

  • Choose the right broom

A broom with fine bristles is suitable for indoor cleaning. For outdoor sweeping, pick a broom with stiffer bristles.

Concerning Pet Care

As the owner of a pet, you are completely responsible for its health, fitness, and well-being. You must pay attention, therefore, to all the details: From making sure your pet/s have a collar and ID tag, to exercising him, her, or them, to traveling care, to making sure your pet/s have appropriate accomodations, to giving them vaccinations when needed. And these are just a few examples—there are many more. In many ways, it is like being responsible for taking care of a child. There is one particular aspect that is different. This involves euthanasia. We will come back to that later.

Perhaps one of the most basic and possibly most important details in owning a pet is feeding them. And remember that you should not feed your pet just anything. Let us take dogs, for instance. You should always feed dogs a meat of some sort in some form. This, of course, refers to the meat of any animal. Make sure this is the only part of an animal that is fed to your dog. It is not healthy to feed dogs other parts of an animal that may naturally be attached to the meat like the eyes, skin, feathers, etc. If you are buying the dog food product from a commercial dog food producer, be sure it says exactly what type of meat is in the food.

Labels that just say “meat” are questionable at best. Putting just “meat” does not give the owner any specifics. Each variety of animal meat has its own set of health-related details and information. And that is true even before it is processed at the factory. After the various kinds of meat are processed, the differentiation is even more pronounced. In addition, when buying a dog food product also be alert to other primary ingredients in addition to the meat. If you are not careful, you may be buying a product with mostly these other ingredients and only a little bit of meat.

Among the very best store-bought dog foods is Purina’s Beneful dog food. Beneful is fully staffed with an army of pet experts who know exactly what a healthy dog needs. They also closely consult with a number of top veterinarians. The Beneful staff on walmart and its consulting veterinarians is fully committed to helping teach dog owners the best way to maintain a healthy pet. To this end, owners should always keep a sharp eye out for any sort of medical problem with their pet. Beneful urges owners to maintain a regular schedule of frequent visits to the veterinarian.

Sometimes the best, most humane thing to do if your dog is so sick there is nothing that can be done is to put him or her down. It is wrong to unnecessarily prolong their misery if there is no indication of it ever ending while alive. This aspect is an issue that may be hardest issue concerning a pet. There is even literature available that specifically address it. May you have the wisdom to recognize and accept when this moment has arrived.