The White Shark Media Experience: What They Provide Customers and Employees

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that helps small to medium-sized businesses create and run effective marketing campaigns.

They specialize in helping companies with stagnant sales to discover the value of generating real leads and increasing their conversion rates through proven search marketing campaigns.

The company assists throughout the campaigns by identifying what methods are working best and adjusting those that are not as successful as expected. They maintain a close relationship with each client to answer questions and to provide direction.

The company offers a variety of employment positions for people with customer service, sales and media skills. They prefer employees with excellent communication skills who are dedicated to providing genuine results.

They offer an almost endless opportunity for advancement for those who can prove themselves consistently (get full details here: and The company is people-oriented and relaxed.

They have regularly requested feedback from their clients and put many of the suggested changes in place to improve their performance when it was needed. They expect their staff to be equally flexible in this same manner during their employment.

White Shark Media offers a straightforward and simple application and interview process. They are extremely organized and provide clear rules and expectations for each employee to follow.

The management team is knowledgeable and professional. Employees are given an extensive list of benefits including health and life insurance, family leave plans and investment opportunities.

There are numerous perks as well including discount plans, gym memberships and company provided vehicles or commuter compensation. The workplace is business casual and pet-friendly. White Shark Media offers sick, bereavement and vacation time as well as time off for volunteer ventures.

The company was established in 2011 and has since grown to over 150 employees. Their close collaboration with Google has made it possible for them to develop a system that is unmatched by other companies.

They promise complete transparency to their clients, so their services are always provided with no contracts and a flat fee rate. It is this commitment to honesty and results that has helped them to still retain their very first customer.

They are predicting enormous future growth and are seeking energetic and creative individuals who can help them to achieve their goals.

Goettl Air Conditioning Gets a Brand New Look

Goettl Air Conditioning was not always the best company around. The company overall did not know what they wanted to do, the employees lacked any type of confidence in what they were doing, and competitors took advantage of them and threatened lawsuits against them. That all changed when owner Ken Goodrich took over and purchased this company back in late 2012.

Within a year and a half, Ken turned the company around, earning $20 million in revenue. Ken saw potential in this company and wanted to make it a better environment for everyone involved. He installed some new procedures that are making a huge difference. One procedure is that he personally examines each job and gives final approval before he even thinks about marking the job complete. Ken feels that this has helped technicians take more pride in their work and give them the confidence they need to continue in this fashion.

The customer service of this company is through the roof. The employees are confident and provide expert knowledge to their customers, making them stand out from their competitors. With this type of customer service, it is no wonder why customers come back again and again or recommend Goettl to their friends and family. The company recently celebrated 75 years of service and is proud to say they are no longer in trouble, but instead looking ahead at the future and long-term success. Ken Goodrich has taken this company and completely turned it around for the better.

Goettl Air Conditioning is located in Phoenix, Arizona. They provide a full range of cooling services for residential areas that include heat pump and air conditioning installation, replacement and repair, maintenance, as well as 24/7 emergency service, should something go wrong. Goettl specializes in installing high efficiency cooling systems. They can also help when it comes to heating services as they can help with gas and electric furnace installation. Goettl technicians also make sure your air handler, ductless heating system, traditional furnace, and dual fuel system are all up to date, so everything is running just as it should.

When it comes to indoor air quality, Goettl wants to make sure you and your family’s safety and comfort is the top priority. They provide such services as humidification and air cleaning, air duct cleaning and testing, and digital thermostat installation. No matter what service you need, Goettl Air Conditioning is there to provide you with the very best service and care around.

Hair Trouble? The Untold Truth About WEN Cleansing Conditioner Revealed!

Women everywhere desire a WEN care routine. Well, a Bustle contributor has tested WEN Cleansing Conditioner. The creator of WEN has made bold promises about transforming and fortifying stresses to give it that resplendent appeal. As advertised on sephora, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is an all-in-one formula. So, it has a powerful concentration of natural botanicals for shampooing, conditioning, and styling all hair types. Cardinally, this regimen activates incredible moisture and sheen that revives sleeping stresses for an optimal bounce.
The afflictions of untamed, frizzy, grease-ridden hair plague beauty fanatics everywhere. A study found thinner hair susceptible to such distress. The subject has a similar experience and used Wen Cleansing Conditioner to quell unruly stresses. Her method included following WEN label directions carefully for optimal performance. The pump amounts surpass that of normal hair care products. Hair length and type are two primary factors to determine the amount of WEN conditioner needed. After a meticulous 7-day-long experiment, Bustle learned that WEN Cleansing Conditioner complements fine hair superbly. It does require consistency preferably a morning shower/style routine. The stresses tend to exert bland expression should someone skip the routine a day or two.

Celebrity stylist and beauty products connoisseur Chaz Dean formulated this WEN regimen among other talked about inventions. Photography was his muse before he started an unquenchable love affair with beautiful hair. He relocated to Los Angeles, learned cosmetology and began nurturing a professional career. As he honed extraordinary skills, he decided to expand into product innovations. He formulated an entire line of WEN by Chaz beauty serums for hair perfection.

The move to Hollywood came shortly after Chaz earned recognition having managed an upscale Bel Air salon. Soon, he bought his own salon and developed a coveted class-A client list. It included Hollywood’s prolific celebrities, some who craved an escape from the prying eyes of scavenging paparazzi. Chaz afforded such an environment, off-the-radar, convenient and hospitable.

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Beneful rolling out new dry food

An article in the Huffington Post indicated the changing market for dog food and how one of the major brands, Beneful, which is owned by the global giant Nestle under its Purina line of dog food has reacted to and thrived under this new climate.
The trend in the dog food industry is towards healthier and more natural dog foods which better fit the manner in which these dogs evolved. Dogs are scavengers and before there was dog food and even dog biscuits, dogs ate bones and whatever food scraps their owners had left to give them. While their diets are diverse they thrive on meat and other natural food ingredients such as vegetables. The corn and other grain fillers that make up the majority of dog foods in the Wal-Mart market are now the best options out there for them.

Pet owners have begun to realize this and have started to speak with their wallets and are paying more for high quality dog food. Beneful has been trying to meet this demand by offering new products that have been reformulated to satisfy these new food trends. Beneful has spent time and money reworking their dry dog foods and have been in development for two years now, rolling out to Amazon customers in May 2016 in certain regions, with full distribution across the United States by the end of the summer.

The new dog food blends have several notable changes including the removal of sugar and some other substances like propylene glycol which some customers try to avoid, even though the FDA has declared it safe to consume by dogs and humans alike. Whil propylene glycol helps keep the texture of dog foods pleasant for dogs to consume, that has been replaced with natural meats and vegetables which have the same texture and better health benefits than the old blends.

Clearly Beneful has put a lot of time and money into researching these new dog food blends and their standing as the leader in the dog food industry is unsurpassed as a result. Beneful is likely to rework their wet food in the future as well.

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Why JustFab’s Plus Size Line is For You

In a recent article, the online retailer JustFab, was featured as being a desirable subscription thanks to their new line of plus size clothing. Written by a popular blogger, The Curvy Fashionista, expressed her excitement and how impressed she is with this new line of clothing. Offering a variety of mix and match clothing, this plus size line is sure to catch the eyes of women looking for a new curvy women’s wardrobe.

While as of right now the clothing line features only thirty five items, it’s still a wide variety. With high slit skirts, tops and dresses, all the styles are current and fashionable. For a plus size woman, it can prove to be quite a challenge finding a plus size line that suits the statement you are trying to make. JustFab makes it easy, with great colors and styles to choose from for everyday wear.
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It’s easy to set up an account with JustFab- you can choose to have monthly pieces sent to your door or you can shop at your own leisure. With shoes, handbags and accessories available too, you can have a brand new wardrobe in no time. A lot of times JustFab offers promotions that give highly discounted product for your first purchase as well. With prices starting at $22.95 per not month, this just simply can’t be beat. You won’t be finding the same clothing in department stores because JustFab has its own unique pieces.

If you are a curvy woman looking for pieces to add to your wardrobe, JustFab is the best choice for you. You can either shop on your own time or get monthly separates or accessories at prices you won’t see in the retail stores. This is just the beginning for this line also, as JustFab will continue to add more options to its plus size crowd. Don’t wait any longer, just go check out the beautiful clothing you could add to your closet!

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Brian Bonar Professional Achievement

Despite having a background in engineering, Brian Bonar has established himself as one of the most successful individuals in finance. He is a finance executive and currently leads Trucept. He has served in several companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation that has helped build his extensive leadership background.

His success is closely tied to his technical background that has helped him know how to build business structures that work. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College. He is also a Master’s graduate of Stafford University in Mechanical Engineering.

His career has seen him work in several companies. He has worked as a procurement manager at IBM and rose to the position of QMS where he was tasked with managing over 100 people. He has also worked as a Sales Manager of Adaptec. After gaining some experience from the two companies, he went on to start his company, Bezier Systems.

He continued to work for other companies before he became more successful with Dalrada Financial Services. Those that worked with him at Dalrada revered him and talked about him as a helpful and pleasant colleague ––inc./salary/470203#.Vye_cEURW4E.

His area of specialization is mergers and acquisition. He is known for being creative and taking a personal approach to life. He achieves his creativity by combining his technical genius of an engineer with the creative power of an architect. You can read more by clicking on this link: The New Frontier

Among some of the recognition he has received is when he was named Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. This was a great honor for him as the only two females and to males are named executives in each discipline every year.

The committee that is responsible for selecting the honorees base their criteria on professional achievement, academic achievement and leadership skills. In his educational background includes a doctorate degree. He is also professionally affiliated with the American Finance Association.

Brian Bonar has been in the financial sector for more than 30 years serving in various positions of professional management. His responsibility at Dalrada Financial Corporation is to oversee its operations.

He has held the position of chairman and CEO for about ten years. In that position, he is responsible for a group of employee and employer benefits as well as aftermarket products.

One of the company’s responsibility is to act as a Marketing Liaison that supplies its clients a wide range of employee programs that enhance business efficiency. Some of the employee programs include employee benefits, risk management insurance, finance management, and promotional and business management services.

Besides Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar is also the CEO and chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services and the president of Allegiant Professional Business Service.


Your Dog Deserves Premium Food From Beneful

Good Food For Your Dog

A article revealed that cheap dog foods taste bad to dogs since they are made with poor quality ingredients, and cheap foods are actually somewhat hazardous to your dog’s health. When you are looking for a good dog food to get for your dog, take a gander at the kinds of high quality, premium dog foods that your pet store carries. There are some great brands of dog foods out there available on Amazon that are complete in their nutrient content, so your dog will live a longer and healthier life by your side. Nutrition is important. Do not cut corners when it comes to your dog’s health.

You should take a look at the Daily Herald’s recent article about premium dog foods. My wife found it, and she sent it my way when we were looking for a new kind of food for our dog. We decided to switch from one of the low quality brands to a premium dog food because we felt that it would make our dog happier. Our dog was not eating her food like she used to, and the vet that we take her to said that we needed to try feeding her a better food. We decided to buy premium dog food after we read the Daily Herald’s article.

The premium dog food that we went with is Beneful. It is made by PurinaStore (, and it is one of the best looking dog foods either of us have ever seen. It looks like it could be people food. It also smells great. Our dog loves it.

We buy our dog Beneful’s Chopped Blends because it is made with high quality ingredients. Our dog is used to eating wet food, and this premium quality wet food from Beneful is a cut above the rest. I am sure that it is better for my dog because it has real meats and real vegetables in it. I actually feel kind of proud to switch to products because I feel my dog deserves it. Here is that article from the Daily Herald.

Does Venezula Need A Political Miracle?

If you have been following Danilo Diaz Granados on instagram you will know that they suffered deep blow in their parliamentary elections in December. They have slowly been headed towards and economic and political crash and it appears that the government was slowly but surely headed toward disaster. Many have blamed it on the not so popular Nicolas Maduro; however, had the country chosen to be in favor of and negotiate with the leader it may have been able to lessen the economic downfall that the Obama Administration warned the country about.

This deep opposition to leadership leaves many to wonder if the country can survive these political hardships or if the country is headed towards a very hard and crucial disaster. One thing is for certain countries from around the world are watching and taking notes and hoping that they will not have to intervene before things get worse.



George Soros Conspiracy Theory Debunked

The billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros on politifact is a financial figure I have always kept an eye out for in the news because of his impressive record of predicting economic trends. In recent months, I have been shocked to continually see a conspiracy theory circling conservative Websites accusing Hungarian born George Soros of secretly infiltrating the Republican Presidential election season with a series of donations to the campaign of GOP Presidential outsider John Kasich; I was happy to read a story from Politifact that detailed how the conspiracy theory started and debunked claims George Soros has tried to affect the GOP election process.

During the last few years I have been looking into the life of George Soros for inspiration and been impressed by the way he has embarked upon a philanthropic and economic career on that is amongst the most impressive in the world. Soros found himself a refugee at the close of the Second world War and has been working to secure the fate of others who find themselves in similar situations, according to the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros has been accused of providing support for John Kasich to keep the GOP election race ongoing for as long as possible before the candidates arrive at a contested convention. The claim comes from the fact two former Soros employees have been active supporters of John Kasich over recent months, but I have now read reports stating the two men have been long term conservative supporters who simply happened to work for Soros in the past.

In my own opinion, the political giving of Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller is completed to reflect their values and not those of their former employer. After conducting a little Internet research on Biography and reading the Politifact article I found the two men to have been providing financial support for conservative groups and candidates since leaving the employ of George Soros and striking out on their own.

Fabletics Launches Athleisure Dresses

Marie Claire Magazine passes on great news to habitual gym goers and the average over-worked, busy professional woman. Fabletics, the very trendy fitness fashion clothing company co-founded by Kate Hudson, is now going to be offering athleisure dresses, which look as amazing as they sound.

The Coupon Lady sat down with Hudson for her thoughts on the new Fabletics line and was able to ask about how the line came into production. Hudson dished on her personal favorites and why making comfortable, stylish everyday clothing is so important to her.

Hudson first recognized that while you may not want to exactly go on a hike in the Fabletics athleisure dresses, they are certainly made with women’s comfort as their first priority. That said, you will definitely be able to run around town and accomplish all your errands without missing a beat or feeling like you are being held back by your clothing.

Hudson thinks that this new line of dresses will also be extremely flattering for women to wear in the same way that certain pairs of spandex exercise pants accentuate women’s assets. Essentially, Hudson explains that these Fabletics dresses will suck all of the right parts in without taking forever to get on. They also eliminate the need for wearing uncomfortable Spanx and take the anxiety out of getting dressed for a super busy day.

Hudson says that the dresses can be worn in the office, on a date or just around town with friends, making them an incredibly useful addition to any wardrobe. Hudson’s clothing line is created with the goal of enabling women to take advantage of opportunities to be as active as possible in the day and achieve a more balanced and fit lifestyle.

In his Pinterest page she said that rather than restricting women’s movements like some traditional fashion choices, the athleisure options from Fabletics add an element of sophistication to wardrobe choices yet provide total flexibility in making it through the day.

Fabletics has been around since October of 2013 and has become a fitness fashion favorite of a remarkable number of women since then. Hudson is often seen as the face of the brand and says that she personally loves wearing pieces from the collection because they allow her to maintain an incredibly busy lifestyle while feeling put together and comfortable.

Readers interested in trying out Fabletic should consider signing up for its VIP monthly membership option because it offers the most rock bottom prices along with the flexibility to cancel the membership at any time for any reason by calling the customer service line. The cost of the monthly membership is only $49.95, which means that Hudson has stayed true to her word in providing great fashion at affordable prices.